"Untitled", 2012

Photography, Inkjet on cotton paper


Sérgio Belinchón is the sixth artist to be invited by EMPTY CUBE to create a work specifically for e-mail diffusion. The original piece is a printed photograph with the following technical details: Untitled (2012), 80 x 100 cm, inkjet print on cotton paper, print run: three numbered copies and one artist’s proof.  
The image Belinchón has selected for this project is emblematic of his work on landscape, more particularly on architecture; here, the city represents a subject which the artist approaches in paradoxical terms. In these images, we recognise urban objects, often devoid of human presence, like utopian locations that evoke human activity while simultaneously reifying its absence.
The piece chosen for this project is apparently an architectural photograph, a composition that is almost pictorial in terms of its treatment of colour and the elements that compose it. The picture reveals a modular architectural composition that appears unfinished, as if the structure were waiting for the right time to be inhabited and used for a purpose we do not know. The notion of paradox in Belinchón’s work is also present here, since the green, regular hedge of vegetation in the foreground lends the photo an urban, everyday aura that contrasts with the concrete structure behind it: an austere grid, lacking any references that might situate us in space and time.

João Silvério